Saturday, February 16, 2008


Provides fertility information on options available for achieving conception.

According to a 2006 survey by the Genetics and Public Policy Center at John Hopkins University, there are 415 ivf clinics in the United States.

Faced with such a daunting number, anyone considering ivf treatment in the US can certainly do with careful guidance because the choice of clinic plays a large, if not most important part in determining the final outcome of fertility treatment. In fact it is the belief of Rhonda Levy, that had she been well informed (at the time of her own ivf treatment) as to the choices she had, she would have achieved conception in the very first cycle of her ivf treatment. She has this to say:

"Although I was finally the mother I so desperately longed to be, I could not erase the horror of our long struggle from my thoughts. What troubled me most was the naiveté of my early assumption that I could place my faith in my physicians to guide me through the maze. I now understood that I had been handicapped because I did not know what I did not know: that there was an enormous disparity between the best and worst of the more than 400 fertility clinics in the United States, and that the vast majority offered low or only average odds for success with assisted reproduction. Unless a couple had the good fortune to find themselves in treatment at a superior clinic, they would be more likely to spend more time, more money, and to suffer significantly greater heartache than necessary. Reproductive medicine had become one of the most lucrative industries in medical history and its landscape was littered with dangerous landmines."

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