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Friday, February 15, 2008


There are about a dozen ivf clinics in Nigeria, mostly located in Lagos, the nation's commercial centre. Nigerians no longer have to travel abroad for ivf treatment and they save on airfare and accomodation whilst receiving more cost effective first class treatment. In fact, a number of Nigerians resident overseas have taken advantage of its lower cost in the country by going to Nigeria for some treatment cycles and returning to their overseas bases afterwards.


* Bridge Clinic
Plot 1397A Tiamiyu Savage Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos.
Tel: 01-2623268 ; 2610686
Email: ;
Medical Director: Dr. Richardson A. Ajayi

Port Harcourt Center
41A Evo Road,
G.R.A Phase II
Port Harcourt.
Tel: (084) 465 003 – 5

* Hope Valley Fertility Clinic
261, Etim Inyang Crescent,
Victoria Island, Lagos.
Tel: 01-4618989 ; 08033069466
Medical Director: Dr. Olugbenga Ogunkoya

Portharcourt Center
17B Ahaimakara Road,
Transamadi Industrial Layout Road,
Tel: 084: 578956 ; 08037048134 ; 08033069466

* Medical Art Center
Lofom House
21 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way
P.O.Box 5747,
Tel: 01-4971970
Medical Director: Professor Oladapo Ashiru

* M & M Hospital
The Fertility and IVF Center
10 Ngozi Avenue / 127 Faulks Road,
Aba, Abia State.
Tel: +234-82-227-798 ; 08033240452
Medical Director: Dr. Prosper Ikechukwu Igboeli

*National Hospital Abuja
Plot 132, Central Business District,
(Phase II)
Garki, Abuja
Chief Medical Director: Dr. Olusegun Ajuwon
Tel: 08033495146

* Nisa Premier Hospital
Plot 618, Alex Ekwueme Way,
Jabi, Wuse, Abuja
Telephone: 08035967303
Medical Director: Dr.Ibrahim Wada

* Nordica Fertility Centre
106/108 Norman Williams Street,
South West Ikoyi,
Email: ;
Medical Director: Dr. Abayomi Ajayi

* Omni Advanced Fertility Center
18 Boyle Street,
Onikan, Lagos.
Telephone: 01-2630304 ; 01-2646304
Medical Director: Professor Osato Giwa-Osagie

* Roding Medical Centre
29B Olabode George Street,
Off Ajose Adeogun Street,
Victoria Island,
Telephone: 01- 2626169 ; 26226170
Medical Director: Dr. Adewunmi Adeyemi Bero

* St. Ives Specialist Hospital : IVF & Fertility Unit
4, Mojidi Street,
Off Toyin Street,
Ikeja, Lagos.
Telephone: 01-8974878
Medical Director: Dr. Tunde Okewale


Ben said...

The article by a professor Ashiru titled " Fertility Crisis!" is a disgrace to the sorry state of infant mortality in the nation of Nigeria.

Nigeria is an over populated country, with people having children simply to outnumber their family and friends NUMBERS, shameless as it may be we are still encouraging them to have children when there are amble evidence 70% of the country live on less than 1 dollar a day.

From a physical perspective, one has to look at an Ariel view of Oshodi and Lagos Island to see what overcrowding has done to Lagos. Try looking at Kano and Oyo state and see the total breakdown of available resources to feed the ever growing number of people brought into this world by illiterate parents who have since gone and left the children to fend for themselves.
Educated people like the professor should use their knowledge (if they actually have much awareness outside their subject area) to promote good family planning values not encourage people to produce more spern and add to the already overcrowded country.
Let the professor please read the article below written by a none professor with better insight into the state of Africa's overpopulation crisis.

Nigeria's Population Is A Silent Killer
Without resorting to forced abortions and sterilizations, we must acknowledge that population control is crucial to a nation’s economic survival.

In most African countries mass production of children is almost regarded as a show of importance rather than a lack of knowledge of contraception, ignorance, lack of education and stolidity. The South African leader who told his people not to use condoms because white people were deliberately trying to prevent them from reproduction is one of such cases.

Most Nigerians lack fresh drinking water; over population (and bad leadership) means depletion of natural resources, increased levels of air and water pollution, soil contamination and noise nuisance. There are reports of deforestation and loss of ecosystems, changes in atmospheric composition.

We have seen an increase in legal and illegal immigration to the developed world on an alarming scale, creating an unprecedented demographic and political problem for the west. Many of these migrants are talented and well-educated people from Nigeria that has deprived the nation of its limited skills base. There are also documented cases of high infant and child mortality caused by lack of family planning, insufficient resources and poverty. Overcrowding has resulted in increased incidence of diseases and other infectious diseases, a lack of adequate sanitation and clean potable water, and scarcity of available medical resources.

Starvation, malnutrition, poor diet with ill health and diet-deficiency diseases; poverty coupled with inflation has resulted in low level of capital formation. Desperation to survive has elevated crime rate in a struggle over scarce resources and crowding, leading to increased levels of brigandage. We now experience serious over-utilization of infrastructure, public transport, roads and bridges, and public health systems.

Nigeria is 140 million people with over 70% living on less than one dollar a day; people deliberately produce children know this offspring will be born into disease, poverty and untold hardship. A typical example can be found in war-thorn Somalia and during the Ethiopian famine, where people produced children knowing there was no food or resources to cater for them, children were born only to survive for 6 months and die miserable deaths covered in flies. Many of these children became the face of Africa on western TV as a way to embarrass the continent.

We have not learnt our lessons; educated Nigerians who should know better are reluctant to discuss this issue and help coerce government to formulate a policy that will regulate live birth helping to ensure decent quality of life. A well organised population will not guarantee economic success but it will assist resource management, impact development, food requirements, resources and the environment. It will adversely affect the welfare and progress of Nigeria.

Overpopulation is a condition when an organism's numbers exceeds the carrying capacity of its ecological niche. In common parlance, the term usually refers to the relationship between the human population and its environment.
Is it evidently clear that Nigeria is overpopulated due to an increase in births; many of these births are unplanned. The 4 wives per man Islamic policy in mostly northern Nigeria have ensured that many in that region record the most poverty stricken existence in the country.

We are now in a state of meagre or non-existent capability to sustain human life due to corruption, lack of credible leadership and of course uncontrolled childbirth. Leadership has been the centre of attention for most Nigerians when they discuss the current socio-economic state of Nigeria, not many want to talk about overpopulation that has contributed more to our present sorry state of events.

Nigeria may be rich in terms of natural resources and income but an out of control population will not ensure quality of human life if resources are over stretched.

With an out of control population there are additional resources to be considered, such as medical care, employment, the environment, money, education, electricity, sewage, waste management, and transportation. Negative impacts should also be considered including crowding stress and increased pollution. Lagos is a good example of what overpopulation can do.

Overpopulation in Nigeria is such that the population density is so blatant it has caused an impaired quality of life, serious environmental degradation, and long-term shortages of essential goods and services. It is an imbalance between the number of individuals vis-à-vis the resources needed for survival, and the ratio of population over resources, and a function of the number or density of individuals, compared to the resources like food, employment and business opportunities.

The constant argument that poverty and famine are caused by bad governments and economic policies are serious cases of misplaced priorities and ignorance among an already semi-literate and ignorant citizenry; There is talk that a higher population density leads to more specialization, productivity and innovation, and that this leads to a higher standard of living. China has been cited as an example of this, but the Chinese 1 child policy has attested to the fact that it is not the case. Indian with its fast growing economy and high-tech innovations has not ensured that a large section of its population is excluded from one of the worst examples of poverty.

It has been proven that while resources tends to grow precariously, population grows exponentially, if left unchecked Nigeria’s population will continue to amplify and become too bulky to be supported by the resources available, with or without good leadership.

It is without doubt that the irresponsible decision by the British government to allow new Eastern European EU accession states to come and live in the UK has caused one of the worst cases of depleted resources this country has ever seen. Today the UK with its position in the G8 and its material wealth is struggling to provide average social services, transport and housing to an uncontrolled population. All it took was for 2 million people to come from Poland and other parts of east Europe and the world to turn a usually comfortable society with decent quality of life into a cesspit of confusion, mayhem and despair for many citizens.

Due to a lack of moral fibre in the Nigerian society we cannot allow population control to be at the discretion of the individual, moral restraint will not work, Nigeria needs laws to control the trend; a 2 child per couple policy will guarantee some semblance of civility and legality in dealing with the issue.

We do not need to adopt the US/UK system of reducing population in the 3rd world by manufacturing and infecting people with biological weapons like HIV.

Nigeria can introduce legislation backed by a Biometric database of citizens to monitor and control the trend; part of the solution must include education, effective contraception and social awareness.

Brenda said...

Mr Ben,
I'm still trying very hard to understand the aim of your write-up. Are you trying to say People should not have children because Nigeria is an over populated country? I don't know what part of the world you come from but our own sees children as gifts from God and whoever can afford to have them should be given the opportunity to wether the country is over populated or not. We Nigerians don't give our love to animals in the name of "Pet" but Human beings called Children.
With the over population you think we have in Nigeria, there are still a lot of infertile couple who will give anything just to have a Child and I honestly think that is the whole essence of these IVF clinics.
I think you should take a visit to fertility centres, churches etc to see the teaming number of infertile couples looking for Children. Please don't ever say because people are suffering in Nigeria, then others who have the money to take care of their kids should remain barren!

mom soon said...
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