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THE medical establishment doesn’t much like Mohammed Taranissi. He’s not too keen on them, either.
Depending on which side of the debate you’re on, he is seen as either a maverick or a miracle worker.
But the founder of London’s Assisted Reproduction And Gynaecology Centre is happy to be judged by his record.
He says 10,000 of his patients have had babies after having treatment at his clinic.



Tricia Mullen:
I found Mr T and his team to be highly professional, never was i pushed into taking unwanted treatments. Regarding IVIG I was informed this was a theory based treatment and that currently there was no research to back up this treatment, i consented to the treatment. I believe Mr T's stats speak for themselves. I do not believe Mr T cherry pick patients whilst having my treatment i met other ladies (patients) who had previously had many failed cycles at other clinics and Mr T did not turn them away as if they were a bad bet they received all there treatment at the upper wimpole clinic like me. I thank Mr T and his team for my lovely 8 week old daughter.

I am due to start treatment at the ARGC next week. I made this decision after weeks and weeks of my own investigations.

I have written a rather large complaint to BBC tonight saying exactly what I think of their " witch hunt " and their unbalanced reports. To say I am disgusted is an understatement and it's not good for my blood pressure as I'm 7 months pregnant thanks to Mr. T and his team. 5 years of trying unsuccessfully and 1st time with ARGC... We're all with you.

I have only ever heard positive things about Mr T. He has brought joy to many in helping to create their special miracles. Long may he keep up the good work.

Simon Bone:
Well, Robert Winston has sunk to a new low ... disgusting (& very bad acting). Thank you Mr T for my son.

ann turner:
I was very happy with my treatment at argc Thanks to mr Taranissi I have a wonderful son

robina bashir:
I am appalled and disgusted at this biased programme,the majority of us have had experiences at other clinics who happily took our money with no result. i am sitting here with my 1 week old baby tonight thank you Mr T.


R Phillips:
I only wish my consultant was as forward thinking and dedicated as Mr Taranissi appears to be.

I am apalled by the biased editing of tonight's Panarama programme. Having had 4 failed cycles at a previous clinic where the treatment is 'one size fits all' the treatment offered by ARGC is tremendous with twice daily tests & different drugs to adapt to your particular circumstances. I know that anyone who has had treatment at anywhere other than ARGC & then gone to ARGC will fully endorse my views. This programme simply portrays the deep jealousy of other fertility experts who cannot come even close the the ARGC stats & stop at no lengths to cause scandal & attempt to ruin Mr Taranasi's reputation. Anybody who has any comprehension of the pain & suffering of not only infertility, but being at the hands of a poor, second rate provincial clinic, will simply dismiss this programme as utter nonsence & will continue to seek the treatment of a dedicated team who provide patients with a real chance of allowing their dream of becoming mothers to become true. If the programme really seeks to uncover the scandalous state of IVF treatment in the UK, the perhaps their time would be better spent carrying out a serious investigation of regional IVF centres, that at best deliver a 22% success rate, whilst relieving their patients of £4,000 per cycle. I would politely suggest that if there is any inappropriate treatment it is carried out in these clinics. It is also worth noting that at least 1 member of your 'impartial' panel has a vested interest in 1 such clinic

Sarah Murrin:
I chose the ARGC because the HFEA advertised the high success rates, not the clinic itself! I was given a registration pack, which clearly asks for a referral from your GP (you can't just walk in off the street as Panorama suggest). I am starting treatment at the end of the month as I have gone through monitoring and I am happy with the clinic. They offered me the immune blood test which I decided not to have, but they didn't force the issue.

Katie Conway:
Mr. T fufilled my dream of becoming a mother. Never at anytime did I find Mr. T or any staff at the ARGC unprofessional or unsupportive.

Those that fling accusations at Mr Taranissi should remember that it wasn't so long ago that IVF was also unproven - where would we be today if they had listened to the sceptics? Once again, this country does its' damndest to quash innovation, for the sake of a few shocking headlines. We have had two failed ICSI cycles at one of the top five UK clinics where everything appeared to run smoothly, but still they failed. With dual infertility including PCOS and anti-sperm antibodies, surely it's not inconceivable to consider a potential immunological issue? Don't criticise unless you can explain results of over 55% - ARGC has been the top clinic in the UK since 1995 - he must be doing something right! As for using ARGC - we will still do so - I am far more likely to belive the testimonials of thos couples who have finally been successful at ARGC after numerous unsuccessful treatments elsewhere. Why no investigation into the clinics who offer hope, take our money but don't get the results?

Thank you Mr T for Matthew (age 2 - first IVF) and another due in May. You never misled me or suggested anything other than "normal" ICSI (my husband has absence of the vas deferens) and have treated my husband and I with respect over the years. We are forever grateful to you.

Nikki Leimer:
Without Mr Taranissi I wouldn't be sitting here looking at my little girl playing happily with her toys. He gave us a chance that no other doctor in this country could or would do - he helped us professionally, emotionally and financially with our treatment - he is a truly wonderful man.

Cheryl Popham:
The biased, unjust, totally one sided programme only confounded my respect and trust for Mr Taranissi and his team.

Karen Randall:
I didn't recognise the description of Mr T or ARGC in Panorama's programme. It seems to me that the other IVF 'professionals' were themselves lacking in integrity. Had Prof Winston forgotten that he featured the ARGC doing successful IViG in his recent documentary 'A Child against the Odds'? The ARGC is the best. That is the problem - it causes jealousy and suspicion. Mr T gave me a 1% chance of getting pregnant but left it to my husband and I to decide if 1% was worth it for us. He treated us as intelligent adults able to make that decision. Just as he treated the 26 year old as an adult in the programme last night. If she had been trying for 12 months and preferred to go for treatment then that's HER choice. We don't all want to wait 2 years to see if it happens naturally, and it is disingenuous of the professionals to suggest that GPs don't refer to ACU Departments after a year because I know they do! And when you get there what happens? They talk about chlomid, IUI, HSGs, laparoscopies, hysteroscopies and IVF. Just as ARGC did. Good for ARGC for allowing us patients the right to make our own decisions. I thank god we didn't have endless counselling and ethics committee hoops to jump through - infertility is bad enough without the paternalism that goes with it so often. Not least from the likes of Prof Winston et al. The ARGC didn't help me have a baby - I did that via surogacy in the end - but they did help me explore all avenues that I wanted to and they helped me move on and away from IVF at the right time for me. THANK YOU for that! I hope they keep on doing what they do best - helping people have babies in the most successful way available. Yes, that costs money. Yes it's worth it.

Dr Taranissi and his team have been nothing short of dedicated and professional. They have performed miracles and brought lots of joys to many families who have been trying for a baby. My husband and I were successful in our first attempt at IVF and we were never once coerced at any point and were given lots of time to make our decision.

The treatment I recieved by Mr Taranissi and the whole team at the ARGC was exceptional compared to my previous experiences when I have felt exploited both emotionally and finacially (my own personal opinion). I was never given any additional treatments or investigations that were not necessary and the Clinic did everything possible to reduce costs (allowing me to buy drugs daily to avoid waste). The programme was biased no comparisions have been made with other IVF clinics. I will not hestitate to have a further cycle under his care and will continue to recommend the ARGC.

Ruth Heaffey:
I am sitting here with my 7 week old daughter next to me, thanks to Mr Taranissi. I took steroids and had ivig and maybe I wouldnt have her if I hadnt have made the decision to go through with those things. I am glad I did. No one made me, it was my choice, Mr Taranissi offered me a way to have my dream - her name is Grace Rose - and I will always be in support of him. He may be the richest doctor in england, but is he off on holiday all the time spending that money - no - everyday he is at work 24/7 - 365 days a year - that says it all about his commitment. Ruth Heaffey

victoria perratt:
The panorama programme and the BBC should be ashamed at the quality of its investigative journalism.

Lucy McCabe:
I had 4 treatments at another clinic that did not work. 2 years later (and older) Mr T got me pregnant 1st time. It is other fertility clinics, with Docs that barely spend 2 days a week in their clinic, that are ripping patients of by putting them through the same production line time after time. Shame on the HFEA for raiding the clinic on the day of the Panorama program - do they not think that IVF couples go through enough pain. What have the HFEA done for me? How about asking other clinics why their success rates are so appallingly low, how come they have so many instances of OHSS etc etc Finally I hope that the image of the other so called experts on last nights program - gigglying like bulllying school children round a table at Mr T efforts - will come to haunt them

Anna Franklin:
As an IVF patient although not at ARGC I was incensed by the one-sided reporting of the Panorama. It made the assumption that we are all vunerable, ill informed idiots who need protecting, whereas the majority are intellingent, educated individuals capable of making their own decision. The proof of Mr Taranassi's hard work and dedication is the thousands of babies born to women who had almost lost hope of ever being a mother. Unless you have experienced the pain of infertility first hand, please do not try to decide for me what is best.

Louise Holden:
I am disgusted by the biased programme aired by panorama last night that offended the very delicacy of my nature. I am seething that a show normally held with high regard would tarnish not only itself by twisting it lies and using a panel of jealous ridden so called experts to destroy the man who has completed so many peoples lives. I honestly feel that because of his high results a pack of bitter not as successfull jackals are trying to drag him down.

Joanna Murphy:
I am upset and angry at the way in which both the HFEA and the BBC have bullied Mr. Taranissi. I feel it is a case of him being a victim of his own success, which is as a result of hard work and dedication and nothing else. He is a tall poppy who stands out and people are jealous of his success. As a patient of his I am so sad that he may not be able to continue to help couples achieve their dreams as he did with me.

arlene anderson:
there are two other clinics ranked top by hfea,why aren they investigated as they offer the same controversial treatment. this is a travesty. ask the patients what they tink if Mr T is tobe sut down.

Simi Treanor:
This clinic really tailor makes each individual treatment for each patient. They are a hard work and dedicated team. Why are they being portrayed as result fixing money grabbing people. It is simply not true.

Charlotte Nicholl:
ARGC is still most definitely on my list of options for future treatment. Get some additional help to sort your administration and the licencing problems out, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best - making dreams come true.

Mr T and his ARGC team are amazingly dedicated, and the work they do to help couples like us is second to none. This was a total stitch-up and the BBC should be ashamed of itself.

Mr T has our support 100%. We can't believe that the media are doing this and trying to close such a great and successful clinic down that has made so many couples dreams come true.

I am deeply upset about the way Mr T has been treated and potrayed by the BBC. This is a man who has made the dreams of many women come true - women who have been to a number of fertility clinincs in Endland and have failed. This reeks of irresponsible journalism (I am surprised at the BBC producing something like this) and professional jealousy. Could it also be that he is a succesful non-english doctor?!

Even though I have had 3 failed ICSI cycles at ARGC, I cannot praise Mr T highly enough for his dedication and hard work. There are things at the clinic that could do with changing, but the panorama program was totally biased and focussed on the perceived negatives. What about all the hard work and good the clinic does ? What about an investigation into the HFEA and what value they really add ? What other countries have such a strict regulatory body that ties the hands of the expert and the paying patient and charges them for the privilege ? Its no wonder the UK's success rates are amongst the lowest. Another example of bureaucrats and ignorance getting in the way of science and people's happiness.

Catherine Steele:
Without this clinic hundreds of women would never have achieved their dream of having a child. Thank you to Mr T and all your team for our beautiful daughter conceived during our first attempt at IVF. The BBC and the HFEA should be ashamed of themselves for their handling of this matter.

Ersilia Franklin:
I think its disgusting how the BBC have percieved Mr Taranissi. He is a wonderful man and is totally dedicated to his patients. He works 365 days a year from 7am till late what other doctor would be as dedicated as him.

Louise Archer:
This sort of biased, sensationalist and unfair programming is outrageous. It is certainly not in the public interest of ARGC patients and staff. To see such a sensitive and complex issue as IVF handled in this brutal, simplistic and unfair way is frankly irresponsible and cruel. After the BBC and HfEA have got their 30 minutes of sensational airtime, it will be the patients and staff who are left with the pain of struggling on in even more difficult circumstances. As if it wasn't tough enough for us already.

Hanne Berit Boffey:
Having used another clinic earlier, it was an enormous positive change to be treated by the ARGC. The investigation and monitoring prior to and follow-up during treatment to optimise outcome of the cycle is brilliant, and I believe their success is as much due to this as anything else.

Feel Panorama programme grossly unfair and biased - think there are a few hidden agendas between certain individuals. Personally owe the birth of my beautiful 3 year old son to Mr Taranissi. Will defend him and his procedures to the hilt.

I am 100% behind Mr T, and fully support his team of very dedicated workers. Please stay strong and keep going you are doing a wonderful job !

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