Sunday, December 25, 2011

Something New in Southeast Fertility Treatment: Low-Cost IVF

For those who desire to become parents, but have trouble getting pregnant, these are optimistic times. Advances in fertility medicine, such in vitro fertilization (IVF) and PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis), provide new options that weren’t available in the past.
But all that advanced medicine comes with a price. IVF treatment can easily cost $25,000 and up, with no guarantee of success. That puts fertility treatment out of reach for many.
Two Georgia infertility specialists are hoping to change all that. Drs. Edouard Servy and Joe Massey founded the Servy Massey Fertility Institute (SMFI) in August 2011 with the belief that fertility treatment should be more accessible to all.
SMFI’s goal is to provide IVF treatment at reduced prices, offering initial in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles for only $6,575 – almost half the cost offered at many other clinics nationwide. The goal is to provide exceptional and affordable fertility care so patients can pursue their dream of having children.
Servy and Massey are both pioneers in reproductive endocrinology and the treatment of infertility, and have been helping patients build families for more than 30 years.
The Servy Massey Fertility Institute has locations in Atlanta and Augusta and works in collaboration with the Georgia Health Sciences University. The fertility docs say they are committed to eliminating hidden costs and unnecessary testing, recommending assisted reproduction only when conventional treatment fails or is not an option.
Sara and Kirby Yawn are just one family that found help at SMFI. The Yawns came face-to-face with infertility when Kirby was diagnosed with low sperm quality. Sara had already tried several treatments, including ovulation stimulation medication and a cycle of intrauterine insemination (IUI), but pregnancy seemed no closer for the Georgia couple.
Finally, Sara and Kirby met with Dr. Edouard Servy at the Augusta office to discuss in vitro fertilization (IVF).
“Dr. Servy reviewed our case and explained what he thought was the best option,” Sara says. “He was very thorough in helping us understand the entire process and was optimistic that our success rate would be high.”
In the past, the high cost of fertility treatment – especially IVF, one of the most expensive treatments – has been a barrier for many couples diagnosed with infertility. But with the creation of SMFI, Drs. Massey and Servy can work together to provide infertility solutions at affordable prices. The institute’s unique low cost program not only provides affordable treatment to hopeful couples, but continues to keep a high standard of quality and results.
“Because of the skill set required for a successful IVF procedure and the number of people involved, the cost of in vitro fertilization can be very pricey,” Dr. Massey explains. “At the Servy Massey Fertility Institute, we take pride in our expertise and never cut corners, but we also believe that everyone should have the opportunity to build a family. This is why we’ve taken great care to reduce costs wherever possible to offer affordable, low cost IVF.”
IVF is often one of the only ways for a couple diagnosed with infertility to achieve pregnancy, but has a high success rate – one of the reasons the SMFI team decided to pursue a low-cost IVF program.
For Sara and Kirby Yawn, IVF was just what they needed. After a few months of treatment, the couple found out they were pregnant. Lilian Grace Yawn was born the next year.
“We named her Lilian, which means pure, innocence and beauty, and Grace, which is a blessing from God,” Sara says. Although they know having more children may not be easy, for now Kirby and Sara are thankful to have one of their biggest dreams – parenthood – come true.



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