Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Couples Turning to IVF

Approximately one in every 80 babies born in the UK is a result of IVF treatment, research has revealed. With one in seven couples experiencing difficulty conceiving, IVF has become an important part of family life for thousands of people across the country.

Figures show that IVF treatment has a success rate of 29% in women below the age of 35, and that number drops as a woman's age increases. According to some women who experienced IVF, natal hypnotherapy helped relax them, making the process more positive and less unpleasant. One new mum said: "The CDs really helped me to focus on my treatment, to remain calm and positive, and to be confident. Once I did get pregnant, I was in complete shock for about four months!"

Another added: "The CDs were a huge help in relaxing me and making me feel more in control during the process. I became pregnant at the third attempt and have now given birth to a lovely little girl."A survey found that out of 68 women who used the therapy, 46% became pregnant - 17% higher than the national success rate.


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